I decided to share these because I really love them a lot, I wrote most of it and most of it was written by other Righteous members. The Righteous is a hero based crazy group in Toxian City for the purpose of roleplaying on Second Life. 


All our fates are hanging by a rope,
There is still a gleam of hope,
For these warriors walk proud and strong,
With them around nothing can go wrong.
We stand up for what is right,
We will never back down from a fight,
We’re going to protect the innocent,
For it is the good we represent.
This group is not for the weak,
Its for those who aren’t afraid to speak,
In this dark city we’re the light,
Fighting away evil day and night.
The church is our home,
No one messes with one of our own,
‘The Righteous’ is our name,
To expel Evil is our aim,
We will never give up,
We’ll fight till we die…

About the Righteous
Systems of truth in the field of morals and ethics are not absolute: they vary by culture, by religion, and over time. A collection of individuals that differ theologically in many ways, banding together determined to not to be fully encompassed by the evil that blankets this town; to assist, to keep hope alive, and for survival. As a whole they believe in the inherent worth of every being; that even the darkest souls are not completely lost and can be redeemed. They believe in the importance of education for self defense of the mind and the body and promote individual assessment of evil influences. They are known as the Righteous, some call them heroes; they call it a CHOICE. What is yours?

The Righteous accepts any race except Demons. The group RP is rich and colorful because of the objectives and the differences that exist in the family: a collection of individuals (races) that differ in many ways, either race or personality. The Righteous are opposed to evil and, as a rule of principle, anyone is a potential enemy and Demons are, no matter what, the ultimate enemy.

Before you make your choice take in consideration not only the above but also the following:

– The Righteous is not a religious group. That does not mean you can’t RP a religious roll and the group members that do take that path differ theologically in many ways, for example, a catholic priest or jesuit, a budist monk…..
– Different races exist in The Righteous, and they behave differently. For example an angel may feel sadness, a human may feel physical pain, while a vampire would feel none of that… he is dead. Wolves of the Righteous stay true to their nature during a full moon, possibly forcing the family to hunt them down (RP or DCS) like any Toxian wolf, and typically are more violent creatures overall, where humans and angels may be more tolerant…. BUT everyone would share the common goal; our differences only making us stronger. 
– The Righteous is not a submissive family. The members are a group of foul mouthed, ragtag, horny, and at times unpleasant crew who will walk into the very bowels of hell without a second of thought for our own well being in order to ensure our fellow Righteous, our home, Toxia, and its citizens are at peace, and can call this island “Home”. We are, “The only ray of hope, and pure un-wavering light in a post-apocalyptic world.”


(Shea Spoonhammer’s Welcome note to the new Righteous)

Welcome fellow Righteous, HONOR, COURAGE, and COMMITMENT, our core values, is what it is to be among us. Many have tried and FAILED to be among the Righteous. This is, without question, the hardest faction to be a member of. No other faction in the city of Toxia can truly claim to be “the good guys”. The other factions pick good or evil on a daily whim, or claim to be “neutral” mostly because it’s easier to turn a blind eye, than to stand up for something that is right, but may be unpopular. Integrity – “Doing the right thing, when no one is looking”. We embrace conflict, welcome it, in the name of a greater peace. Those that lack the means to kill, will always be at the mercy of those who can. Throughout the history of Toxia, despite a constant barrage, and many losses, we, like the fabled phoenix, rise from the ashes, and those that would mock us do so because they cannot do what we have always done as The Righteous.

We are a group of foul mouthed, ragtag, horny, and at times unpleasant crew who will walk into the very bowels of hell without a second of thought for ourselves in order to ensure our fellow Righteous, our home, Toxia, and its citizens are at peace, and can call this island “Home”. We are, “The only ray of hope, and pure un-wavering light in a post-apocalyptic world”.  I personally hope to see those who I am not familiar with soon, but most of you shouldn’t bother getting comfortable unless you have the UNIQUE personality to LIVE our Core Values.

“In times of war and uncertainty there is a special breed of Guardian ready to answer the cry from the people. A common being with uncommon desires forged by adversity they stand alongside Toxia’s finest forces to serve their city, the innocent, and protect their Way of Life. We are Righteous! Our title is a symbol of honor and heritage bestowed upon us by the Heroes that have gone before, and embodies the absolute trust of those we are sworn to protect. By bearing this title we accept the responsibility of our chosen ethos and it is a privilege that we must EARN every day.

Our loyalty to our city and our fellow Righteous is beyond reproach. We humbly serve as a Guardian to our fellow Toxians always ready to defend those who are unable to defend themselves. We do not advertise the nature of our work or seek recognition for our actions. We voluntarily accept the inherent hazards of our ethos placing the welfare and security of others before our own comfort and wellbeing. We serve with honor, on and off the battlefield. The ability to control our emotions and our actions regardless of circumstance set us apart from the others. Uncompromising integrity is our standard. Our character and honor are steadfast. Our Word is our Bond. We expect to lead and be lead. “In the absence of Orders I will take charge, lead my fellow Righteous, and accomplish the mission”. We lead by example in all situations.
We will NEVER Quit!

We persevere and thrive on adversity. The city expects us to be physically harder and mentally stronger than our enemies. If knocked down we will get back up, if a fellow Righteous falls, we will not leave them behind, but carry their load. We will draw on every remaining ounce of strength to protect our fellow Righteous and accomplish the mission.We are NEVER out of the fight! We demand discipline. We expect innovation. The lives of the Righteous at our side, and the success of our mission depend on us, our skill, proficiency, and attention to detail. Our training is NEVER complete!

We train for War and fight to win. We stand ready to bring the full spectrum of combat power to bear in order to achieve our ultimate peace and the goals established by the many Righteous who have gone before us. Execution of our beliefs will be swift and violent when required, yet guided by the principles that we serve to defend.
Brave citizens have fought and countless died building the proud tradition and fear of reputation that we are bound to uphold. In the worst of conditions the legacy of the Righteous steadies our resolve and silently guides our every deed.

We will NOT fail!


Righteous Herald,

Shea Spoonhammer,

Former Righteous Commanding


(Mizaki’s letter to the new Righteous.)

[07:28] Mizaki entered the library and grabbed a seat holding a piece of paper and a pen, she ponders a bit tapping the pen over the table then began to write.

~~First of all, Welcome to the Righteous,

The only ray of hope left in this damned city. I admire your courage for wanting to be part of this cause. We try to make a difference and unlike most of the people around here, we fight for what we know is right. Before I continue, I wish you have already read Shea Spoonhammer’s welcome note, it has all the core values of our church and basically explains what it means to be a Righteous. I am writing this down to share with you a few things I have in mind and what I have noticed about new family members during my short time in the Righteous.

I noticed that most of the new recruits don’t last long, they stay for a week then they disappear. Why do they disappear? Either they bumped heads with other family members or they don’t like a certain view point or maybe they just realized they can’t handle the responsibilities of being in the family. I must warn you, it isn’t easy to be a Righteous and like every family we have a variety of members with different viewpoints, characteristics and different ways of approaching things.

Always remember COMMUNICATION is a great tool and if you aren’t happy with something or if someone offended you, don’t explode and leave, just calm down and confront them, try to understand why they said certain things and try to explain why you got offended, maybe it was just a misunderstanding. You can also speak to me about certain things you are not happy with or if you have any problem with anyone or anything.

You have to give respect to gain respect, how can you expect to be respected by others if you give them a disrespectful first impression? Sure, there are some people around here who don’t deserve your respect but it’s always good to handle first meetings with kind words unless the person you meet is a demon.

Demons and Shadows aren’t allowed in the church no matter what. Demons are evil and in my time in Toxia, I have proved that more than once. Sure at one point I thought demons could be trusted but I was wrong. If you want to know more, feel free to ask me.

We are a family and in the end we’re the only ones you can count on. Most of us may be busy but we will always be there for you whenever we can and if you are in trouble. Family always comes first, don’t leave a family member behind. To go against one family member means going against the whole group. We are all working towards the same cause. You are welcome to speak your mind to any of us at any time and seek our help for anything.

That is all I have to say for now. If you need any help be sure to seek me out.

Your Righteous Preserver. ~~


What are Righteous Crusaders?
Mizaki ponders a bit at the question, she then smiles and says, “Righteous Crusaders are the fresh bloods of the Righteous. They are the recent members who have joined the Righteous and have proven that they want to stick around.” She nods a lot then goes on, “Once Crusaders are given their position they are expected to go in the direction of their desired path through their reports and actions.” She then looks around at the older members of the group and up nods towards them, “Usually a more senior member of the Righteous will take the Crusaders under their wing or paws or fangs or magic and help them achieve which path they want to pursue.” She snort then goes on, “If they are in a hurry to move up they should seek me or a Herald out so we could give them a certain task and once they complete it they will be rewarded with their new rank along with new responsibilities.” She then frowns and says, “If a person is a Crusader for too long, me or a Herald will approach them and question them on their desired path and task them on it.” She then smiles big, “If you notice some people getting promoted without a task, it’s mainly because I have been keeping an eye on them and I feel they have proven themselves worthy enough to deserve the promotion without being tested.” She then says sternly her expression growing grim a bit, “If the Crusaders fail to report to me about their happenings for a period of time and have seem to disappear without a reason, they will be given a letter of demotion then as time goes by I’ll assume they left the church” She sighs.


What are Righteous Knights?
Mizaki summons her blade and raises it dramatically in the air, “Righteous Knights are the soldiers of the group, the protectors and the saviors. They lead us into battle.” She makes her blade disappear in icy smoke then crosses her arms and grins, “They are those who goes around fighting of evil directly using their weapons and strengths. The Knights protect the innocent citizens and family members from being harmed by injustice acts.” Her expression turns cold as she says, “A Knight will never ignore an innocent’s cry for help, even if he is outnumbered he will go to their aid making sure to have called for backup incase something happens to them. The Shadows usually love to provoke us by calling us names or trying to capture one of our own, this is where our Knights come in to teach them a lesson, if the shadows are already picking on a Knight, well, hope they heal quickly just so they could get beaten up again.” She rolls her eyes as she catches her breath, “A knight must not only use his swords but also his brain and know when to fight and when not to fight, I learnt that from Raven, our Righteous Knight slash guard wolf.” She smirks then sighs, “Without Knights our main foundation is ruined because they ensure the family’s safety. With them around there is nothing to fear since they will always come to our aid. They also train our Crusaders in the arts of war, weapon handling and fighting techniques.” She clears her throat, “Righteous Knights are supposed to be loyal, aggressive, intelligent, blunt and most of all courageous but…” she holds up her index finger, “They should also know how to show compassion.” She cracks her knuckles then lets her arms drop to the sides, “Every individual is unique so I won’t judge how Knights decide to act or carry on a certain action, as long as they stick to their goal, take it easy on family members and never forget what the Righteous stands for.” She says simply then smiles then pulls out a paper and says,”Oh this is written by Raven, our Righteous Knight slash gaurd wolf.”

~Raven’s Knights Code of Chivalry~

We realize that we are fighting our battles in a more modern era, but some things are not meant to be forgotten. The ideals behind a knight and his fight for what is right is the same now as it was in the Middle Ages. And for that very reason, the code will forever endure…..
This is the code a Knight of the Righteous should follow to the best of his or her ability.

1. Maintain the integrity of the church
2. Serve the church in valor and faith (not religious faith, in this circumstance, but faith in our cause.)
3. Protect the weak and defenseless
4. Refrain from the wanton giving of offense (basically sticks and stones……..)
5. Live by honor and for glory
6. Despise pecuniary reward (fight because it’s right, not for reward)
7. Fight for the welfare of all
8. Obey those placed in authority
9. Guard the honor of fellow knights
10. Speak the truth
11. Persevere to the end in any enterprise begun (finish the job you start)
12. Respect the honor of women (mostly for the male knights, but an important one none-the-less)
13. Never refuse a challenge from an equal
14. Never turn your back upon a foe
15. (This should be remembered throughout all the other codes…) Never give up, even through defeat or discouragement

This code and these virtues should be adhered to by the knights best ability. And to help your fellow knights adhere to it as well. Lend a hand to a faltering knight. We are still all human and humanish, we are not perfect. If a knight fails to adhere to these beliefs, then the knight should be accepting of the punishment that is administered for his/her failure.
I realize that sounds severe, but this is trying times and the knight is resilient, strong willed as well as strong handed. His/her blade ever sharp, and ever ready.


What are Righteous Whispers?
Mizaki fakes an innocent expression and looks around shrugging her shoulders lightly, “Righteous whispers? What are you talking about? Such things don’t exist in the church.” She smiles darkly at the person’s confused reaction and shakes her head slowly, “Since you’re a Righteous I’ll let you in on a little secret.” She whispers, “Righteous Whispers aren’t supposed to exist to anybody, not even fellow Righteous members, just to the leader and the second in command. And of course to those who are Righteous Whispers.” She pauses then continues in a low tone of voice, “They are the eyes and ears of the family. The spies, torturers, quiet assassins, the diplomats and the master of disguise…” she trails and suddenly an insane grin appears on her face, “They are the most cunning, they will do anything to acquire necessary information for the benefit or safety of the family. Whatever means or measures they take are up to their discretion.” She clears her throat forming a more casual expression, “The Whispers are often misunderstood as just bearers of information. But…” she shakes her head repeatedly, “Nope, they are more than just that. They are the ones who carry out secretive missions, assassinate or punish certain people, infiltrate facilities, investigate missing members and execute rescue missions without leaving any trace. It’s like they were never there.” She catches her breath then says, “They are mostly sent to carry out deals and negotiations with other factions making them our diplomatic representatives.” She grins, “A whisper is a very good actor and they can easily deceive anybody with the way they speak or the way they present themselves, let’s just say they are our very own con artists.” She snorts, “Some of our senior Whispers take on apprentices and teaches them how to be efficient in never leaving any traces. Whispers tend to be less aggressive, smart, loyal and great liars.” She giggles, “Therefore a Whisper has to have a different approach in how they do things and compared to Knights, they are more quiet and hidden in their field.” She crosses her arms, “Hence why they don’t exist.” She says simply.


What are Righteous Priests?
Mizaki eyes the confessional booth then the altar and her gaze remains fixed on it as she speaks, “Our Ritual experts, doctors, evil expellers and confiders. Righteous Priests basically perform various rituals such as exorcisms, healing rituals, summoning rituals and cleansing. Though it depends in which method they prefer to perform the said ritual, some priests use holy, religious means while other priests use other non-religious methods.” She pauses then takes her gaze of the altar, her expression turning soft, “They are our doctors as well, the ones who makes sure that there is not a scratch in any family member’s body and everyone is healthy. They are over protective and will chain you down in order to heal you either using magic or manual means, since we have different races and all of them have their own healing methods.” She nods a lot, “Like humans will perform surgeries or manual patching of wounds and use certain instruments or materials to help the healing process, but a magical being will use their healing energies.” She smiles slightly, “They also have a way of healing you spiritually and mentally by taking your confessions or merely acting as a counselor, so if you need a heart to heart talk with anybody, seek a Righteous Priest.” She smiles, “Compared to Righteous Knights and Righteous Whispers, the Righteous Priests are much more soft, understanding, opinionated and peaceful. They are usually non violent and prefer a more verbal way in solving problems instead of using their weapons. They are also the peacekeepers when family conflict or any conflict occurs.” She snorts, “They love to preach about anything like God, life, love, family, hope and many other topics depending on their nature and personality.” She puts on a more serious expression, “Don’t underestimate the priests, they are cunning in their own way especially when they are firm on their beliefs which most of them are. Never turn your back on a Righteous Priest.” She says eerily then smiles, “They are also the once who have more tolerance on people and believe everyone has a chance to be saved, they will try to save anybody and everybody, including demons who seek redemption.” She says as her expression looks a bit dazed as she continues staring towards the altar.


What are Righteous Paladins?
Mizaki nods once her lips curling into a smile, “Righteous Paladins, they are the once who have proven themselves worthy and not only performed their assigned path beyond what is deserved of them, but they also preformed other paths whenever there was no one around or just to lend a helping hand.” Her smile grows bigger, “They also help to find new recruits by giving them applications and also screening the applications and holding interviews if the leader or I isn’t around.” She pauses, “We have four Paladins only and it may vary depending on who are around more and who aren’t. Those Paladins who disappear without a trace will receive a letter of demotion and be demoted back to their respective path while others will be given a chance.” She sighs then continues, “The paladins report to the heralds. They also hold training sessions, preaching sessions or random recruitment processes.” She clears her throat, “Paladins are usually very formal, understanding, just and patient. Paladins are usually selected by the leader and me depending on whom we think are capable and more deserving of the job through their actions, attitude and determination.” She flops on her seat and nods, “Righteous Paladins are one step closer to fulfilling above and beyond what it means to be a Righteous.” She says with pride.


What are Righteous Heralds?
Mizaki grins, “Oh, the heralds are the real old people in the group who has white hair, carries a cane and are very weak and venerable; you know what old age does to you.” She chuckles and shakes her head, “Nope, I am just kidding.” She says now forming a more serious expression, “Righteous Heralds have worked far beyond what it means to be a Righteous. They are the family’s most trusted individuals. The Righteous Leader and Second in command tend to seek their advices before making decisions hence making them like the groups advisors.” She smiles, “Just like the Paladins, the Heralds can recruit people into the family and make sure they are in good hands or train them themselves. They give out tasks, hold training sessions and other extra classes. They also make sure that tasks handed out by the leader and I are carried out and done without any lose ends.” She furrows her brows a bit as if thinking then says, “Righteous Heralds are the most understanding people in the family, and they are also the most patient and the one you can seek if you have a problem. Though if you don’t carry out their orders they may be hard on you but it’s for your own good.” she takes a deep breath then releases and says, “There are only three Heralds, no more and no less. Each herald is very efficient and knowledgeable in all the paths though usually the three of them are more likely to focus on their personal respective path and make sure that all those under that path are efficient and up to date with the happenings around the city and the family.” Miza just sits down and smiles, “Righteous Heralds were previous Paladins who have proved themselves worthy of the position and have showed us that they aren’t going anywhere.” She nods once then became silent.


Council of Shadows,
In light of recent events, and a great showing of weakness, and a lack of sympathy on my part for your kind, I Shea Spoonhammer have decided to extend my lands to include the South of Toxia. As Shadows, weak and pathetic as 99.9 percent of you are, you will be granted the Pit, and out to the lamp post outside, to include the steps, and a bit of the sidewalk.I will have a Herald draw up a map for your reference of my lands. Any Shadow found on my land will of course take their well being into their own hands.Shadows and demons that I personally acquire will be returned to the pit via the Pack. I will drop said trespassers into the Den, and request the hungry wolves to return the trespasser(s) to the pit in any condition they see fit.
Note, Speaking with Drake in the past month or so, he has seemed to be under the impression he has some sort of place to negotiate terms, and be given “rights” and “claim”. This is in fact laughable as the House of Shadows is an illusion of a brick, but is in fact a mere playing card upon further inspection.
Take this as a notice of claim. You can manipulate these words as you wish in order to rally whomever to you cause, but history shows quite frankly that no one desires your kind in the city any longer, and would rather you reside within the confines of your dungeon.
This is a zero tolerance policy. You would do well to take note of this gospel, and heed it.


Shea Spoonhammer

Righteous Herald

Keeper and Protector of Toxia.