The sound of metal clashing over wood, slight heavy breathing, the cold quiet breeze and swift silent body movement could be heard across the distance and it wasn’t even dawn. A man with black messy hair and a healthy body build followed the sounds and he smiled inwardly as he watched his pupil practicing alone on top of the hill against a down trodden wooden trunk. She was still young, still learning, the fire in her heart was emitting all over the place, he closed his eyes as he felt her energy emitting around, her zeal to fight and her strong determination, after all it wasn’t even morning yet and the girl was two hours early for their usual training session. He stood there hidden within a bush, his eyes still closed.

She paused her mid slashing around and training exercise for she sniffed the air catching his familiar scent but she quickly covered it up and resumed her idle training, she knew he was watching her but she wasn’t sure if he knew that she sensed his presence. With a swift movement she decided to surprise attack him by taking a sudden leap towards the trunk and doing a backward flip high up in the air so she landed behind him and without even a moment of hesitation she aimed an axe towards his head dangerously while her left axe was ready for a second counter attack.

Of course he knew what she was about to do, he knew instantly the moment she recognized his presence and he was ready. He countered her first attack by just rolling to the side so her axe hit the bush and while her second attack was aimed towards his side, he used his feet to kick the axe away roughly, she snorted and grinned as she pulled her other axe out of the bush and kept her balance intact as she totally went for the kill since he was still on the ground, she aimed to pounce him with both her axe dangerously coming down to him but she was met with two sharp swords making a deadly ‘X’ shape on either sides of her neck so she had to pause midway, both her axe still raised, her breathing began to drag as she pouted a bit frozen in her mid pounce stance, one of her legs in the air and the other one roughly on the ground balancing herself, she didn’t dare to move an inch for if she does, her neck will be grazed.

She looks down on the man with those annoyed eyes and he couldn’t help it. He busted out laughing at her expression but he doesn’t remove his swords, “Because I’m in a good mood, I’ll let you stay like this for thirty minutes.” He stated eyeing her with those eyes full of wisdom. She sighed heavily but still doesn’t move, “It was worth the shot, at least I got you to the ground.” She smirked raising her eyebrows at him. The man shook his head, ”Okay, I’ll give you extra points for that, you are getting better, but Ivory, remember this, don’t let your heart control you when you are in the middle of the battle field or facing an opponent. You wear your heart on your sleeves and I am not saying it is a bad thing, all I am saying is that, for a fighter it could be their greatest weakness and what will bring them down if it is not controlled.” He said this seriously not taking his gaze off her.

The girl sighed but she didn’t hang her head down despite her obviously depressed state at his statement nor does she say anything in reply. “I know you want to exceed everyone in the pack and be the best fighter out there, most off all I know your main motivation in doing this is solely for your twin. Just, remember, Ivory, you are like your mother, both of you are full of heart. The only difference is, you want to be a fighter like your father and you should learn that it isn’t enough to be a fighter for others.” He trailed and finally retreated one of the swords and pointed the tip towards Ivory’s chest lightly where her heart should be, the other sword remained on her neck but she was able to ease her stance a bit twitching slightly as she listened, her white messy hair blowing around due to the wind picking up, “You have to be a fighter for yourself as well, for your heart.” He retreated both the swords now and then grabbed her from around the waist pulling her down to him, she doesn’t release her axes nor does he release his swords, but she placed them on the sides to avoid any body contact and his swords were safely pointing upwards as he hugged her. She nuzzled into his chest a bit then moved up to peck his cheek, “Thanks Lokhe, now I know why dad left me in your care.” She grumbled, “You’re just as worst as dad! Always talking about hearts and fighting like the two cannot mix. Of course I am fighting for myself, but most of all I fight for Kuro, my axes are for Kuro. I am his greatest weapon.” She smiles big at the thought then moved some of her hair away, “Ughh, they are getting long, I have to cut them.” She muttered and Lokhe shook his head, “Keep your hair long, kid. Most men like long hair, how are you going to find a mate if you keep the whole tomboy image.” The girl growled at that and Lokhe just ruffled her hair, “You know you will find that one guy that you would be as crazy about. Not the same crazy as you are about your brother. But something a little more, I am sure you’ll know what I mean when it happens.” The girl growled again and gripped her axe moving away from Lokhe, “Never!” she exclaims and then turns around to run off yelling, “I am cutting it short! VERY SHORT!” the word short could be heard across the distance echoing as she ran down the hill.

The man shook his head chuckling, “Never say Never, Ivory…never.” He sighed then and turned his head noticing a figure emerging from within the trees, her green cloak fluttering against the wind. He smiled towards the lady and approached her instantly taking her into his arms, the lady smiled, “Why are you tormenting the girl? You know how she feels about the whole love topic.” She asked as she herself gave him a tight squeeze. The man shrugged, “Are you scolding me indirectly?” he asked wiggling his eyebrows at her. The lady just thumped him against the head with her palms and he chuckled as he kissed her deeply, “I love you, Jean.  And someday I am sure little Ivory and our Manon will fall in love, just make sure you stop me from gutting out the guys, alright?” Jean laughed and nodded once, “I am not sure I would be able to stop you, love, I might join you… but I can see you are mighty proud of her accomplishments, she sure turned out to be the little fierce fighter and our Manon turned out to be our crazy little healer baby.” She smiled. The man sighed looking all depressed, “The girls are growing up, Manon may be tiny but I know she has a lot of tricks up her sleeves and she has a way of ordering Ivory around, didn’t you hear her the other day teaching Ivory how to clean wounds and ordering her to gather supplies. Sometimes I wonder where all of Ivory’s battle spirit disappears too when she is with Manon.” He laughed then at the thought before he felt his hand getting taken gently, “Let’s go back to camp, Ivy wants to speak with us about something.” The lady murmured squeezing his hand tightly which he returned and the two of them took their sweet time descending the hill, hand in hand.