A lot has happened to Mizaki in the past one year in Toxian City. There is really no time to record all of the events that took place in the girl’s life, but someone has to record the main events that made her who she is now. Mizaki stood there on the top of the church’s tower as she looked down below at the city, her bright white wings spread, feathers ruffling and her pink hair blowing against the cold breeze. She just watched the city below recalling her initial days in the city, how far away they seemed but it has only been a year, but how was it possible that so many things have happened and where does she start reminiscing?

She used to be just a mere human with a magical gift that she never learnt to establish because it got taken away from her quickly. Mizaki didn’t even know she had mastered it back then due to Zack wiping away her memories. But now she knew everything, she knew her past, she knew everything that happened but she decided to delay whatever she had planned. She already got in touch with Actov using her diary which she retrieved back from Ayato. At least, they know she is alright. Mizaki decided to push all that back and think upon her first days, when she arrived at Toxian City, when she joined the Righteous, lost people, gained people. Felt pain, gave pain. Does she regret any of it? No, she doesn’t. She remembered when she had left the Righteous the first time; there was a conflict within the church. Denenthorn sent a Righteous wide message stating everyone was evil. Anyone not in the Righteous was evil. But Mizaki couldn’t believe that, she had friends outside the Righteous. This all started due to a misunderstanding in the church involving Ignis and Savannah. Savannah was about to re-educate Lillica, who is an innocent lycan and didn’t do anything wrong. Ignis prevented Savannah from hurting her causing a family conflict. Mizaki didn’t blame Ignis at all. She would have probably done the same thing. So when Ignis left, she left as well. She left a note and so did Max, so the three of them made their own little faction. They hung out together a lot and fended for each other. But nothing lasts forever and things started to go downhill.

Max got her wings ripped by one of the shadow demons, Mirage and she got bitten by a wolf and got turned into one. Mizaki didn’t even know her sister almost died until she met her with a tail outside the haven. Not only did Mizaki have to deal with that news but she found Ignis all dead and badly beaten up in the park, she didn’t know what to do so she tried to use black magic to bring him back which only overturned on her. The fact that Mizaki’s hair kept on changing colors was a sign that her magic was already going erratic. Lucky for her, Ignis‘s darkfire family line had a deep magical connection and they brought him back. Her magic started reacting weirdly after that and when she tried to fix it through a ritual it only messed it up further. So she had Russ strip her off all her arcane magic leaving her just a defenseless mere human. Max ended up joining the pack and then she just disappeared after a while. No one knew where she went, this got Mizaki angry with her elder sister, a sort of bitter sweet anger. Ignis was the only close family she had now, he was like the best big brother ever for her and they always looked out for each other. Ignis though seemed to be hanging around the Prowlers a lot and he is their new protector since the felines seem to be getting themselves into trouble a lot. 

Mizaki didn’t have a purpose, she was just trying to survive, minding her own business and trying to meet new people but, it seems all of these new people she met only wanted to harm her. After all, what else is a human to most of the other species in Toxian City, nothing but food, pets, punching bags or entertainment.