“And then what happened after that?”

He questioned intently, his gaze hidden within his long black bangs, ironically some of those black locks turned pink; he could pass for Mizaki’s twin brother if it wasn’t for his huge jet black wings, the right one brushed lightly against Mizaki’s shoulder, like a slight quick comfort. Mizaki took a deep breath her own white wings folding gently behind her, the feathers ruffling against the wind.

“A lot happened you know.” She said in a frustrated tone.

She moved closer to the edge of the church’s roof as she peers down upon the city letting out a sigh. So many thoughts were rushing through the pink angel’s head, it was very hard for her to recollect everything that happened when she was still human, some memories she’d rather burry in the back of her head.

“I did tell you about Ignis, right? How I found him dead and I tried using forbidden magic to bring him back with just tur…”

“I remember that clearly, it is one story you told me more than once.” He quickly interrupted her, he sounded slightly annoyed,“I want to know the mini details, what has the little squirrel went through, whom she met, who touched her life, who stayed, who left.”He trailed before turning his head to face her, she still couldn’t see his eyes. She frowned deeply as if trying to see through his pinkish black bangs before she takes her gaze away from him to eye the city.

“Very well.”

She stated taking a deep breath before she began.

“I had left the Righteous then and I was just wandering around, basically trying to survive. I came across so many people, there was this twisted demon that Rozz sent after me who tied me up and stole one of my teeth.” Mizaki scowled as she recalled the memory,“And then there was a time when these two sister demons kind of tricked me into cutting off my toe.” She sighed,”Masha, she was guilty about it that she looked for me later and took the pain away, she was the first demon that I considered a mother to be honest, she protected me from people, kept me safe and looked over me.” Mizaki tugged one of her pink locks under her ear that was fluttering in front of her face.

“Then, Joenta, oh my gosh, I don’t want to talk about the first time I met her, she uhmmm.” Mizaki looked back at him with an embarrassed expression, “She thought your squirrel how to touch herself, and seriously, it was like my body lost its control and it was doing as she commanded, at least she didn’t make me do anything else, she also healed the missing toe, so in a way I guess I owe that demon some gratitude.”

His form twitched a bit as he listened and she could feel he was narrowing his eyes, but he didn’t say anything nor did he look at her, his gaze remained far off but she couldn’t really tell because he loved covering his eyes, she wished she could just reach out her hand and ruffle his bangs back but she knew she’d get hit by his wings if she tried, so she cleared her throat and continued.

“And then there were a few incidences where I came across the Righteous. Some of them were scary yet most of them were nice. Like one day I was walking towards the church and I heard Mizu crying for help, she used to be a Righteous but, she kind of drifted from the path and one of the new extremist angels were punishing her, I interfered and he was going to come after me but he got distracted. Mizu was healed though later on by the library. I decided I shouldn’t visit the church much anymore, they seemed to have changed in my eyes, I just didn’t no better back then.”

“No, you didn’t know better until now. It was all twisted from the start, all the ideals of the Righteous, you do know I only joined because I am your sword, nothing more, nothing less. Now that you have opened your eyes and pulled yourself away from it, especially since the one person you were following left you alone in the first place.” He snapped suddenly then sighed waving a hand, “Go on…forget what I am saying.”

Mizaki eyed him intently looking a bit sad, “You are right, as usual, but you do know that he is my father now, I am bounded to him and Mami magpie forever, unless they disown me or something.” She snorted shaking her head, “But yeah, as I was saying, I mostly stayed near the prowlers since Ignis was watching over them, I hung out in the haven. I visited Russ at the coven, she invited me to join them but I declined because I didn’t feel like joining another family even though that would have been good for me so I could learn more about my powers.” She frowned then as if remembering something, “Then I just lost it all, well, no..I gave it up.” She sighed again and moved back a bit on the roof and slowly flopped down crossing her legs.

He remained standing except her turned his gaze down to look at her, she looked up at him and from below she could see his eyes slightly. She gave him a weak smile before looking down on the city again, “My hair color kept on changing and I didn’t know why, I tried to check in the library, they said sometimes moods would change it, but I felt off so I tried to do a finding ritual and I think I summoned someone I shouldn’t, some demon, ironically I think it was the same demon who was Dahlia’s dad, he must have managed to tap into my ritual, I mean at that time, I had no clue about what happened to my pass, if you remember, we both gained back our lost memories at the same time.”

He nodded and looked away from her just mirroring her gaze and looking down on the city, “I can’t believe you dragged me here of all places.” He stated letting out another sigh.

“It was my condition, you wanted to know everything, this is the best place to tell you everything that happened.” Mizaki said shrugging slightly, “So, he tapped into my mystical energies and messed up my powers. My hands started shooting out fire.” She grimaced, “At that time, you know, I was terrified of fire, of course now it is another issue since I was made with the help of fire and it is the most dominant element within me.” She smiled recalling Viviane Masukami, her mami magpie.

“Anyways, I had to go to Russ and she took my arcane energies away from me which made me a total human and that‘s when all the demon trouble started but like I said, I met a nice demon, Masha is her name and she was the main reason my whole joining the Righteous was delayed. She showed me that demons could be compassionate and they were not totally evil, well, even though they have demonic essence within them, they have the choice to do what they want.” She trailed for a bit as if pondering her next words, “Masha joined the library. She was a great addition there to be honest. I know Ms. Felice really treasured her. I visited the library once and that is when Masha told me her story, how she is trying too hard to cling to what she was back then. A human, how much she is trying to keep that same mindset, but sometimes the evil is overwhelming and it engulfs her.”

He remained quiet as she continued her story, she spoke about this weird dream that most of the citizens experienced. They all died and turned into zombies, but woke up the next day all normal and then there was a robot invasion, that was when Mizaki started considering returning to the church, when Ignis and her were standing around with the citizens waiting for an attack, Denenthorn walked up to them and told them they are welcomed back to the church. That really touched Mizaki’s heart and she started looking up to the old man. She also told him about how Masha disappeared for a while and the other Righteous members seemed to be trying to get her back to join the church. First Uncle Sal and Zelda seemed to hang around her a lot, Moon returned to the city and explained to Mizaki about how the Righteous was, family is the only one you can trust and the others will betray you for their won which made perfect sense and finally, Savannah came to Mizaki, she was different, she had wings, she wasn’t a vampire anymore, this surprised Mizaki immensely, she wasn’t sure of what happened to the previous redhead vampire, but Savannah asked Mizaki to come home and this made her think about it. She really missed the Righteous anyways plus she hasn’t seen Ignis around much.  

She told him about a certain incident that had caused her to return to the Righteous. She wanted to talk to Masha, to see what Masha would say if she was to return to the church. She knew Masha was aware about how the Righteous were. But when she told her, Masha strangled her unintentionally, the demoness lost it briefly, she assumed Mizaki tricked her and that was when Savannah entered the scene, she was about to attack Masha but Mizaki stood in between. Despite orders, Savannah withdrew and walked away. The fact that Savannah didn’t draw blood because Mizaki was in between made her realize that the Righteous still had some compassion in them and they were not mindless soldiers.

“I went to the church and found grumpypie there, I told him I wanted to join back and he accepted me after making sure I was sure about the decision. Ironic isn’t it, as a human I rejoined the Righteous knowing that I may be more of a burden to them than an asset, but I had to give my best you know.”

He chuckled shaking his head, “The fierce pink haired squirrel. The best human ever, full of heart…” He released a tired but contented sigh and then moved too slowly sit next to her on the roof, “Go on.” He encouraged.