I am totally going to go on a full rant here about this particular topic, don’t get me wrong, I am not a sexist or anything and I don’t really discriminate people’s sexuality but, dear lord, it was bloody awkward almost getting kissed by a female who was supposed to be a customer. I know you must please any customer who visits, but I work at a potions shop, not a freaking whore house! This lady seemed really nice except she was so, I can’t think of the right word, charming? Persuasive, very luring? Does that make me doubt my sexuality? Hell no. I tried to be as polite as possible, gave her all the information she needed about the potions we sell, she even purchased a whole load and told me to keep the change. I was glad when she was out the door.

The day went fine apart from the annoying ghostling, I found him just hanging around outside again, poor guy didn’t even go to the motel to sleep so I thought I’d cut him some slack and I gave him two sleeping potions. It was a bit awkward really, the conversation we were having, I wouldn’t call it flirting, well maybe it was but whatever, it’s not like I was getting anything out of it. He on the other hand got free potions. Yes I am quite bad but I had my reasons, I thought maybe if I gave him those he might come back to work for the shop since Ms. Crow needed more employees.

I decided to visit the other shop after a while and it was so confusing, there was a new assistant for the shop, her name is Fever, she seems like a nice lady and then Ms. Calleigh was talking about scrolls and it seems there was a task for two people. There were two other ladies at the shop whom I have never seen before but one of them seemed to want to become the voice’s guardian. I was totally confused, I had no idea what half the conversation was about, all I wanted was to visit Ms. Crow and then I realized all this was a task for Fever and the girl to get into the Society, I felt a bit depressed because their task seemed like a hand full with scrolls and clues but mine was very easy, I just had to meet this Vorst person and pay with ice. I managed to excuse myself and I wandered out spotting the purple girl again, her name was Maya, I finally got a name. There was a little healthy lad with her and he was looking for the tea shop, apparently he worked there and he lost the way so I lead him there and he made me some tea, he seemed like the sort of kid that would get bullied a lot. He made amazing tea and after that I decided to retreat back to the shop and here I am now just writing whatever I could remember before it all becomes a…blur.