I met a really nice lady, I think I wrote about her before, Ms. A. She invited me to live with her at the hotel she was renting after I told her I haven’t really found an apartment yet. Why? Because I don’t need one, I hardly sleep anyways and I have the potions shop to look after plus the under realm is a nice place to crash at especially the library. I spent most of the night when no one was around down there reading the books that Ms. Crow instructed me to read, I was still feeling slightly depressed over the whole Society challenge being quite easy but I managed to let go of it. For now that is.

Me and Ms. A discussed jobs and apartments. I showed her the shop and we had a nice little chat after she showed me her room. It actually feels nice to have a roommate, not that I planned to use the room much but it is good to know that I could retreat somewhere if I needed some space from the magic stuff, not that Ms. A wasn’t some magic lady, well she didn’t seem like one, she seemed normal except, what normal person would care for a mere stranger and invite them to be their roommate?

I decided to take a little break so I wandered towards the park and just sat in one of the benches letting my sleepy mind trail with thoughts about what I read. That is where I spotted Dr. Derek Grut, he was talking to himself and holding a book, you know those typical mad scientists? Well, he totally gave off that look and I couldn’t help but approach and observe. He was looking for information about the city and then he asked about the Vorst which was totally suspicious. I guided him to the grand library which I haven’t visited myself yet and it was amazing, the stacks of books, the huge tree of life in the centre it was just unbelievable. I kind of felt sorry for the doctor so I told him that if he was seeking the Vorst, he could look for Ms. Calleigh and she would give him all the information he needed.

The irony is Ms. Calleigh just appeared in the library and she looked like she was scaring the poor doctor who was stuttering, I could have bet that he was about to pee his pants. She was asking him mere questions, just what his name was, why he was looking for the Vorst. I had to take my leave though so I excused myself and slipped away, I needed to head back to the potions shop and see if the day would bring any customers or any…action.