I died. Literally died. I felt that whole emptiness for a few minutes, actually it felt like forever until I was brought back. I am not really sure how to write about this feeling. I woke up in one piece down in the under realm and I didn’t feel anything wrong with me, it was just my mind that was probably reacting to the feeling of dying, it was overwhelming and deadly, I am glad of course that I didn’t die in reality and that was all an illusion but it felt real. I probably have to explain first how I died.

Mr. Poison had to go through a challenge to become third in command, that is at least what I understood from the whole notice and we had to help him get through it, I was determined to help the nice man since he really put me at ease with the whole potion mixing and gave me a lot of good advice about the Vorst. I was so eager to fight and defend but I had no idea what I was going to face and it wasn’t at all pleasant.

I arrived at the under realm and there were a bunch of people gathered, I only knew Mr. Poison was the one all suited up, Maya was there too, so was Dr. Derek and the same red head guy that was in the park previously. I didn’t know the other lady’s name; she was Mr. Poison’s assistant, the one who tried calming him down when he was in PMS mode previously. The Vorst was present and so was the voice, even the Elder was there, mysterious portal making person. I have read about that type of magic and it is fascinating to watch one being formed so I found myself drawn in that direction and I remained by the lady’s side. Something about the elder just made me curious.

When the portal was done, we all finally jumped in, we ended up in a forest and we just moved on, I followed behind everyone as Mr. Poison led us all. We arrived in the centre of a much less foresty area, there was a huge arcane circle in the centre which I totally avoided and on the corners there were three stone pillars, one was icey, the other one much earthy and the third one was firey. Choices and decisions.  Mr. Poison picked the ice first which I was glad about and we all ended up in a cabin of some sorts and there was a blue haired guy was called Pieter, he was acting like we were all part of a ceremony and he lead us all to a room with another arcane circle except this one looked really scary. He was ranting about seekers who are coming and we should quickly start on the ritual. It was an eerie sight, he asked us to chant something while he bled a snake, and all the blood that was over flowing was disgusting. Of course I didn’t chant, I didn’t feel like it plus who knows the effects of words you don’t understand. Mr. Poison’s assistant was also not chanting, I was right behind her and I could hear her. The red head guy seemed like he was taking charge along with Mr. Poison and guiding everyone. We could all feel a surge of power and Pieter’s form was levitating and the sight was horrible, it was like he was turning into a demon. It was time to run, especially after Mr. Poison instructed everyone to get out. We tried to escape but the cabin seemed never ending, that is until a portal began to open up and as soon as everyone passed through Pieter appeared saying that Mr. Poison’s decision to leave was right and sometimes bad things have to happen before you see the light.

That round was over and now it was the next round, Mr. Poison picked the earthy rock like pillar and when we all arrived it was much worse than you could expect. The forest around was burning and the sound of cries and battle could be heard and before I could even fucking move, I was lifted high up in the hair by someone with wings and then dropped, just amazing really, I managed to get my footing and I was faced with the most beautiful winged creature I have ever seen but I knew she or he wasn’t going to be nice and give me hugs so I started forming my icey spike balls but I couldn’t help to check on the others and they were also facing the same thing I was, I wanted to help but before I could even eliminate the one I was facing I got hit with the most excruciating pain ever and then everything went…blank.