“Some lessons cannot be taught..They must be lived” said the blindpire I met the other day. Yeah, it was a bit awkward, he is a blind vampire, and how do I know he’s a vampire? Well, he kept on flashing his fangs and he talked in such a diplomatic way, the usual tone that vampires tend to use to show that; Oh, I’ve lived for so long I could be your great great great great grandfather! It was a decent conversation either way, his name is Knives Valerian and he is the last person in some sorta order of his. He wore a blind fold so I assumed he was blind and indeed he was, I just approached him because I wanted to give him a flier for the potion shop, quite a lame move right? Considering blind people won’t be able to read fliers. I surprise myself sometimes. The war dude was still standing in the same spot I left him the previous day; I am beginning to think he is really insane and waiting for a war. I feel sorry for such people and their delusions.

Ms. Crow showed me the under realm today. It was amazing, I particularly loved traveling there via the secret entrance deep within the park, the magic around was so overwhelming. Ms. Crow showed me to the library, the garden, the meditation room or relaxation room as I’d like to call it. The grand area in the middle of the place was amazing; I assumed that it is where the Vorst would give his lecture. My mentor gave me my first lesson today, she basically told me to be one with my surroundings. Now, how easy is that? Just trying to feel the magic within everything, something I am already used too. I wasn’t surprise that one of her main gifts was Illusion, something I detest but I guess I’ll learn to live with that. She also gave me a bunch of reading to do which I really wanted to start on. Ms. Crow was still a little annoyed about the previous incident at the shop due to the antique room divider getting burnt. I left her at the garden so she could have some peace of mind and I headed for the shop.

My whole intension was to grab my bag and run back to the under realm and drool over the amount of books I would be able to get my hands on. But sadly I witnessed an angry Mr. Poison which was a bit shocking for me, I didn’t dare to really interfere, there was a lady who was following him around trying to calm him down and then on the other hand there was this tall old guy who was just dragging a staff with him. Now how dumb can you be just too openly display that you have a so awesome staff in your hand? The fact he was slightly geared up didn’t really help. I noticed he was looking at the sign of the potion’s shop so I approached him and played marketing manager again, explained that it was a potions shop and he was welcomed to browse the potions. He started asking a lot of questions which was a bit annoying, of course I lied about most of it, I wasn’t going to admit I’m a mage to some random stranger. Just at that moment Mr. Poison emerged from the tea shop and he was so desperate to get into the potion’s shop, I unlocked the doors and let him go in along with his assistant, I assumed since she was trying to keep things calm.

I just remained out by the door standing like a security guard, hell no I wasn’t going allow anyone to enter while Mr. Poison was kind of PMSing in there, I do hope he doesn’t get a hold of my journal or he’ll surely punish me for this. The staff wielding dude finally got bored of the lame small talk I tried to start and walked away.

Now talk about annoying, I think I kind of made a fool of myself in public and this guy just totally used it against me, he kept calling me insane and he seemed new to town so I gave him a few tips about the motel and places he can sleep at. His name is Gosling but I decided to call him Ghostling because he did seem like an annoying ghost of some sorts. The encounter was a little awkward but I didn’t care, I don’t mind meeting new people. Mr. Poison and his assistant finally left the potion’s shop and after Ghostling left I decided to clean up, it’s not like they made a mess but I just put away whatever stuff went unnoticed and then for the second time I locked the doors and wanted to set off for the under realm.

But I guess luck isn’t on my side today, I noticed Ms. Crow in the middle of the street and then Ms. Calleigh approaching her, then from one corner I noticed this purple lady, I still don’t know her name. It was like a sudden mage conference in the middle of the street. Ms. Calleigh suggested that we all go and have a nice chat in the under realm and just as we were heading that way, they noticed a red head male in the park sitting on the bench, I sensed the slight tension around but I wasn’t even sure what was going on and I realized I forgot this journal at the shop. Yeah, very smooth of me, I excused myself from the group just as I heard the Vorst talking about four little lambs. Did he mean us? Ahh well, I decided to stay at the shop after all for a while and write down the day’s events. Maybe later I could finally start on my…study.