A sudden storm passed by,
A figure didn’t escape the eye,
A million thoughts rushed within,
A game to play herein,
A thousand moments made,
A growing light within the shade,
A huge connection found real fast,
A lingering feeling wanting to last,
A mind that’s hazy,
A heart that’s crazy…
To stay frozen in time,
Is that a crime?

A sweet and wild breeze clinging,
A light and dark melody forever singing,
A race towards the depths of souls,
A torment filling up these empty holes,
A delicate scent evolving around,
A dangerous flare to be drowned,
A beginning of flowers blooming,
A finale of rivers over flowing,
A drive wanting to pull away,
A heart that wants to stay…
To stay frozen in time,
Is that a crime?

[Yes, I wrote this with someone in mind. =p]