The heavy rain falls endlessly through his mind,
The dark skies linger with troubles entwined,
Tormented soul all trapped within,
Allowing life to take him for a spin,
She landed swiftly in his way,
Didn’t realize what she stumbled upon,
But the firm heart won’t sway,
Like the sun beams breaking through dawn.
Life is such a cruel experience,
The laughter, the tears and lost presence.

But in her arms she’ll wrap him up,
Even if it will never be enough,
To make him laugh and make him smile,
For him she’ll walk more than a mile,
To keep him going through it all,
To try and catch him when he falls,
She’ll give her time and lend her ears,
Until he conquers all his fears,
She’ll never ever leave his side,
Forever this vow she’ll keep inside…