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This is a great cause,  everyone should be allowed to love whom they want. No one has the right to tell anyone they aren’t allowed to be together just because of where they come from, what color their skin is or what gender they belong too. It all comes down to feelings. You can’t help how you feel about another person. Love really has no definition, no boundaries and no explanations. It is meant to be felt and the feeling varies from person to person. People who want to be legally recognized as married should have the RIGHT to be able to get married. That is my opinion at least, whether you’re gay or lesbian, black or white, Muslim or Christian? Yeah I am getting prosecuted for that one. Think I care? F*ck no. Ironic because I thought religion was supposed to be about spreading love. Anyways, that is another topic all together. For now, I’ll end this little rant by saying I STAND4LOVE…all the way!!! Do you? 


STAND4LOVE Lilian QuixoteSTAND4LOVE: Lilian Quixote


“Be with whom you LOVE, Love whom you want. The choice is yours.”

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