“They are only minor minions, no need to go all out.” She yelled the moment she felt his aura turning deeper, the way it usually changes when he was going into his death angel judgment mode. Mizaki pressed her back into his in a sudden motion to hoist herself forward right in time to land a kick on the approaching scorpion looking demon that was hissing in their direction.

“They are too many.” He stated in a small tone, as calm as always compared to her deep breathing. Lokhe’s white eyes glowed and anyone who was watching the scene would feel sorry for the imps that approached from his side of this back to back fight. All it took was a stare of his glowing white eyes, whispering words of the ancient language and a rise of his angelic aura for them to feel a sudden burning sensation, after all the seraphim fallen death angel was not someone smaller demons could even think of winning against.

“I can see that.” Mizaki grumbled and lost focus for an instant allowing one of the ugly looking creatures to wrap its tentacle around her ankle and pull her in an instant with brute force away from her fighting partner. This caused a number of reactions. Lokhe just shook his head but remaining in position.

A white figure suddenly appeared, the lad was holding his horns with a panicked expression twirling around Mizaki making things worst and more confusing for the low attention span previously pink haired angel, “It got you, Miza! It got you! Fight fight! Kill it with fire!! Fast fast!” Shiki yelled as he continued floating around, his white garments flowing elegantly behind him. Mizaki narrowed her eyes and groaned as she got hammered into the ground, her runes began glowing and within an instant the tentacle around her ankle started emitting white smoke and spread all over the demon’s body until it looked nothing more than a pretty ice statue.

“She did it! She did it!” Shiki continued yelling and Mizaki jumped up only to duck again as she was getting attacked by another one, “This is annoying!” she exclaimed while she dodged numerous attacks until she reached Lokhe’s side again. The death angel remained silent, if he could hear Shiki, he pretended not to which only frustrated the ghost that floated around them both with the same panicked expression, “This is bad, very bad, too many!” he screams and zoomed far away for a moment before flying back to the two angels.

“Fine Lokhe. Fine. You can do it.” Miza sighed totally sounding defeated. Lokhe tilted his head, his white eyes never ceased to glow, “We can both do it.” He whispered. Mizaki frowned and took a deep breath. Shiki continued yelling in the background but the two angels were too busy focusing that they tuned the poor spirit out of their heads.

Lokhe’s whispering words got louder and his aura got even more powerful, he lifted his hands and within the empty air he began pulling out something that was glowing with darkness, it was long, ancient and finally the curved blade in the edge would allow the ones around to realize what he pulled out. “The scythe of jugdement.” Something hissed out and the demons around were panicking but due to orders from their demon lord, they were bound to their mission so they didn’t back out. Mizaki focused as much as she could but nothing happened, she just rolled her eyes and leaned into Lokhe’s back so he could feel her close, always there to support him, her runes were glowing as she passed some of her energy to support him. He gritted his teeth as a crack could be heard within his back, Mizaki blinked, “Oh shit.” She exclaimed and crouched down before she could get hit by the big black bladed wings that protruded out of his back. She sighed looking up at the massive wings and remaining squatted down near his legs, she was still grasping on her abilities and she seemed to be progressing to some extent. The demons didn’t wait any longer and attacked. Lokhe swung is blade in a circle motion towards the approaching minions which caused them to fade away in a cloud of darkness leaving nothing but dust behind. Mizaki didn’t have to make any effort for when she tried to be of use, the black wings just assisted her in slicing through the approaching demons from behind Lokhe.

Within a few minutes, the whole forest was filled with dark smoke and ashes; there were no remains or signs of the demons left. Lokhe didn’t have to use up a lot for energy for the lesser demons, he dropped his weapon and it disappeared into smoke before it hit the ground. Mizaki stood up finally avoiding the massive bladed wings and moved infront of Lokhe wrapping her arms around his waist into a hug.

Shiki floated around the two pointing at Mizaki and laughed at her, “He did it again, he did it again, without your help.” Mizaki scowled within the hug, “Aren’t you supposed to be making me feel much better about myself?” she muttered shaking her head and looking up at Lokhe who was just shaking his head and smiling slightly, obviously this whole demonic interference annoyed the angel but it didn’t last long, he grinned and lifted the smaller angel up in his arms and took off into the air.

“Wait for me!!!!!” Shiki yelled as if it was possible for him to be left behind.