Dark Rain

Silence prevails with the overturning pain she feels within,
The sound of dripping rain louder than her faint heart beat,
Numb sensation and prickly fiery feeling beneath her skin,
Would this be the kind of end she would meet?

Lifeless gut breaking emptiness from the depths of her soul,
Coldness surrounding her body with awareness,
Her companion through this never ending stroll,
Lips that formed into a smile that couldn’t hide its bitterness.

Sweet scent of dew and battered wood lingering around,
Shaded by the umbrella she tucks her damp hair within her hood,
Her boots splashing through the pools of feelings she drowned,
Lack of expression through the years left misunderstood.

Underneath the bridge she took a break to catch her breath,
Umbrella was lowered as her back leaned against the old bricked wall,
Tormented mind filled with bittersweet songs of death,
Eyes shut close smashing the incoming tears refusing to let them fall.

Time has passed while dawn slowly breaks,
Bright rays of light canceling out the dark rain and sky,
She buried deep inside all the desires and heartaches,
Yet again a new day she has to carefully walk by.

Soft silent hope whispers she will always be okay,
Daily twirling around enclosed in her walls of despair,
Nothing she would allow to make her sway,
Silence prevails with the happy face she’ll always bear.