It has been a month since Viviane Masukami received the mysterious necklace from Horatio that was delivered to the church but addressed to her, could have been even more months, but who was counting? The angel had her head buried in books, notes, documents and all sorts of parchments that dated back in time. She had been isolating herself in the middle of the sea, in her beloved ship called the Dragon’s Phoenix. It wasn’t as big as Denenthorn Masukami’s Stormbringer but it was cozy enough for the fiery angel, her personal escape when she needed time to herself. She just remained in her library, constantly reading and looking through all the information she collected. The spiritual essence inside the pendant of the necklace around her neck began to change colors erratically causing it to warm up which caught her attention. She brought her fingers to curl around the pendant basking it in her own warmth.

 “In time, my dear.” She murmured in a slightly frustrated tone.

The lady knew who was within the pendant but she was confused, unsure how the girl got herself trapped in there, no matter how much she researched around Toxian City, she knew that no one within the city was capable of such especially since she couldn’t break or burn the necklace without causing the soul within to go erratic. The essence relaxed a bit in her grasp its color changing back to the usual thick whiteness causing slight tingles to run through Viviane’s hand. She sighed and released the pendant letting the necklace dangle freely over her neck as she adjusted the loose polo shirt she was wearing. The shirt was too big for her, obviously it belonged to someone else and she didn’t wear anything underneath the shirt. After a few more hours and when the sun finally set, she moved away from all the books and grabbed a pair of jeans and plopped on her long boots. She didn’t bother to take off the polo shirt or wear anything underneath as she moved out from the library and out on the main deck of the ship moving towards the railing and leaning in watching the water. It was calm at first and then suddenly, the waves began to pick up causing the ship to sway from side to side in a slight rocking motion. She smirked knowing very well what that meant. She turned around and spotted him standing there in the middle of the deck staring at her intently. His wings were spread, their black and white feathers ruffling against the wind. She spread her wings slightly as she walked up to greet him by wrapping her arms around his waist. He just pulled her closer resting his head over her own and sniffing her hair slightly. He grunted.

“Yer wearing my shirt again!” he exclaimed.

“And you love that I do.” She retorted then released him from her hold.

They stared at each other for a while; they were used to the silence. After all, they had a spiritual connection like no one can ever imagine. Silent sweet words as clear as the purest stream, undying feelings forever burning and a common goal they both know that they can conquer together. Denenthorn finally turned his gaze to the necklace around his wife’s neck. He frowned deeply staring at it for a while before eyeing his wife again.

“Found anything yet?” he questioned.

Viviane shook her head, her wings twitching slightly. The wind began to pick up around her, causing her brown hair to dance around her neck. Not only did the wind begin to pick up but the clouds grew darker and a slight rumble could be heard across the distance. She eyed her husband with a blank expression now taking a step backwards and shaking her head again.

“No.” she stated firmly moving her hand to clutch the pendant of the necklace.

She knew what was going through his head and she feared it might cause more harm than any gain, hell, she already tried that but it didn’t work plus she didn’t want to risk knowing what would happen if someone other than herself touched the necklace. From all the research she did and all the magical bindings she read about, there was one thing she was certain off, if someone else touched it or tried to break it, something may happen. But she trusted him, always. She loosened up a bit now dropping her hand to the side releasing the necklace. Denenthorn just walked towards her and reached for the necklace’s pendant eyeing it as the swirly essence within began to change from white to pinkish pluff. Things happened all at once, a surge of electricity passing through the necklace causing Denenthorn to tug it off his wife’s neck. The shock didn’t affect the old angel considering he was a storm bringer, he just absorbed the shock and stretched a bit and then dropped the necklace crushing it into millions of pieces upon his big boots. Viviane’s eyes widened, she was shocked indeed. She moved closer grabbing his arm in a quick motion to ease him from this insane action.

“Stop.” She murmured soothingly still looking surprised.

He grunted taking a step back as they both peered down on the messed up necklace, the pendant was crushed causing a little swirl of whiteness around the whole necklace. After a while the swirl began to grow bigger, the whiteness changing to blackness as it grows thicker and ticker. Viviane tightened her grip on Denenthorn’s arm as he moved backwards shoving her with him just watching what this would unfold.

The black cloud continued forming until the shape started becoming more and more clear. A man, almost the same height as Denenthorn, wearing a black trench coat, gloved hands and the most hideous mask you could ever imagine, the mask was broken into half revealing part of the man’s face, mostly bones and broken flesh as the most devious grin started forming over his lips while eyeing the husband and wife. Viviane’s grip on Denenthorn’s arm just tightened further, this was impossible, well not totally impossible but she knew that her husband would have been able to sense this man’s presence if he was near, it couldn’t be possible that it was him trapped in the necklace and not Mizaki? Through her contemplation her husband just shoved her aside so she was away from harm’s way. He just lunged forward pulling out his sword from its hilt and attacking the man before him, the dangerous aim of the blade for the man’s head. Viviane was angry but she was still showing calmness, perhaps it was all the research she did, she knew this must be some effect of the necklace. She scurried backwards her back feeling one of the rooms within the main deck as she watched her husband and the man battling. The man had summoned a long ugly looking scythe from the darkness blocking Denenthorn’s sword with it. The old man magpie didn’t budge; he kept on attacking, his body rumbling with electricity, as his skin seemed to grow paler and his black locks started turning white.

“Did I make you angry, Denenthorn?” The man asked mockingly his grin turning into an evil smirk.

Denenthorn grunted and kicked the man back causing him to fly over one of the main mast roughly causing the wood to break. Viviane grumbled and jumped up now raising her palm to face the sky as a blue flame appeared above her hand, oh hell yes she was angry, her precious Dragon Phoenix was being abused by the two fighting men. Denenthorn’s wings spread and he hovered slightly above the ground, his sword already aiming towards this man, this man he seemed to hate, he seemed to want to get rid of, but there was something else going through the old man magpie’s system. He also knew this wasn’t the real man, this wasn’t his old best friend, no, this man he was fighting was a mere image of Spectre, not the real one, but he needed to vent all his anger and stress on something anyways, so a fight didn’t seem like a bad idea at the moment.

Spectre laughed an evil piercing laugh that echoed across the sea. The sky grew darker and the waves began to pick up causing the Dragon Phoenix to sway dangerously roughly causing it’s passengers to slide around. Viviane dig her boots into the ground to maintain her balance as the blue flame continued burning above her hand as she watched the two. Thunder rumbled from the thick black clouds above as Denenthorn’s form continued to hover above the ground and all six wings spread dangerously as his form lunged forward towards the illusion Spectre who rolled away causing Denenthorn’s sword to plunge deeply into the wooden floors. Yeah, this was too much for Viviane to watch she aimed her blue flame but not on either of them, instead on the pieces of the necklace left. She figured since it was already destroyed, she should try and erase any more traces of it to possibly deactivate whatever was triggering this whole crazy Spectre image. Denenthorn grunted as he pulled out the sword in time to block the ugly shadowy scythe that came at him from behind. He glared at Spectre who was just grinning cheeky like until his form just cracked into darkness and turned into dust that faded away along with the wind. The sky began to grow back to its normal color of night, the dark clouds fading away. Denenthorn’s skin tone going back to normal and so does his hair; he took deep slow breaths as he sheathed his sword and turned to eye his wife.

Viviane was standing there, her palms aimed towards the pieces of the necklace, blue flames surrounding each piece and causing them to combust until nothing was left, no trace at all. This was a huge risk but it had to be done or they would never really know. Both the angels were powerful anyways, if this killed Mizaki in the process they could easily bring her back, but that wasn’t necessary for a form suddenly appeared out of thick white fog and fell over the main deck right in between the husband and wife. They stared at the familiar form; white wings sprawled over the wooden floor and her pink hair blowing against the wind. Viviane didn’t need time to think, she just moved forward quickly and wrapped her arms around the girl while she fixed her hair up a bit. The girl seemed like she was in a deep sleep.

“Wake up! Mizaki!” Denenthorn barked.

Viviane shot him a piercing angry glare when Mizaki’s form began to stir, oh the familiar grumpy voice. Her body twitched slightly and she opened her eyes seeing Viviane’s worried face looking down on her, she smiled weakly and content as she just snuggled up the woman and fell asleep again. Denenthorn just grunted eyeing the girl and his wife.

“You are so fixing that.” Viviane stated firmly still holding the same glare as she eyed her husband.

“It is still a nice boat.” Denenthorn said in a sort of innocent expression as he eyed the broken mass and the whole his sword make on the floors.

Viviane continued glaring at him as she picked up the pink haired angel moving into the lower decks of the boat. Denenthorn shrugged and followed her silently. The waves around the Dragon Phoenix calmed down causing it to remain steady on the clear water. The clouds began to clear allowing the starts to be visible. Viviane tucked Mizaki in bed as Denenthorn watched. After they were sure she was safe and resting, Denenthorn took his Viviane’s hand and lead her out despite her grumbling at him about the mess he made she didn’t show any resistance. Once they reached the main deck he scooped her into his arms, spreading his wings and taking off towards the clear night’s sky. He glided with her in his arms towards the stormbringer just to make another memorable night that the two souls always shared together.