The sound of water dripping could be heard within the large room in between the sewers. Scampering feet which made its presence known leaped above the huge meeting table where Lil was busy reading from a huge book that seemed old and ancient. Her form remained unmoving even when the cat brushed its tail across the book’s corner, only when the creature dropped a sealed envelop over the page Lil was reading she came back to the present. Blinking eyes stared at the envelope before she looked at the cat that was staring at her intently as if waiting for some sort of affectionate reward. Lil’s blank surprised, ‘Just got out of day-dream’ expression turned into a more pleasant one as her lips curled into a warm smile. She closed the cook she was reading gently after taking the envelop in her palm and using her free hand to trail a sweet stroke over the Siamese cat’s fur, its blue eyes were twinkling in the dim light as it scooted closer to Lil and claimed a spot on her lap and after a few restless movements and turning around on her lap, it settled in a peaceful laying position and nuzzled its head on her knee emitting deep purrs.

Lil sighed as she stroked the sleeping one on her lap more gently, all the while she was staring at the envelop, she knew whom it was from and as much as she wanted to read it quickly, there was a sudden fear forming within her whole system. She breathed deeply and opened the envelope unfolding the letter and reading intently. At first Lil’s expression was normal and controlled and then her fingers seemed to tighten in the edges of the paper, her expression growing hard, jaws tightened and finally which indicated she was done, she dropped the letter over the closed book clenching her fist. The cat on her lap sensed its owner’s emotions and raised its head up staring at her with blue eyes and letting out a soft mrowl of comfort. Lil took slow controlled breaths trying to calm herself down.

“He…doesn’t…remember.” She whispered.

The cat meowed and tilted its head to give Lil’s clenched fist a loving lick. The creature obviously didn’t like it when Lil was angry or sad and right now she was going through a wave of both emotions. Lil leaned back into the chair as if she was desperate to disappear within its depths. A rush of thoughts passed through her head, assumptions, plans and worst case scenarios.

“We’re going to have to get Sachiko San out of there as soon as possible, but we need to get the body.” She murmurs, her fist unclenching and moving her fingers to run through the Siamese’s body.

“He will remember. He must.”

She was feeling suffocated, the more she forced herself to remain strong and calm, the more she was freaking out in the inside. As gently as possible she held the feline on her lap and stood up to place him down on the table. The cat hissed at her but didn’t make more of a fuzz and just remained there sitting majestically near the book and letter as if it intended to guard it. Lil gave him a pat on the head and quickly made her way out of the sewers.

The demonic guard clown twins just shrugged their shoulders when they watched the Cordus running out of the motel quickly, the got ready to follow her but were ordered to stay in positions. Lil made her way to the play ground, tears she was trying to suppress finally sneaked out from her eyes forming a sad trail across her cheeks.