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For the past week I have been meaning to write down some thoughts on this more sensitive subject. Well, it isn’t really that sensitive I guess (But, I am an over dramatic person…). When you get into arguments with family or close friends, you know that feeling you get in your chest? I like to call it a heavy heart because I feel really down during times like that. I hate getting into arguments with people in general, but I hate it all the more if the person I argue with is someone I hold close. I’m human, I try as much as possible not to let my emotions eat me up but there are days when they do and I say the wrong things. I decided to write this more in my point of view because I know people are all unique and not everyone may have the same experience as I do.

Fights and arguments are something unavoidable in any relationship, whether family-wise or friendship-wise even work-wise. We all get angry for some reason or the other but in the end as long as the issue is solved from both sides then everything is swell (Except for the lingering effect that may last a while). One thing people should remember is when fights occur, it is not the end of the world even when it feels that way. Some fights just drain you out in ways you cannot imagine. Why am I even writing about such a depressing topic? I have no idea, I just felt the need to write about this so I can go back to this article in the future and remind myself;

“Yo, Lil, it’s not the end of the world, calm down!!”

I’m not a saint. Who am I to advice anyone reading this about how to handle fights. I myself am having trouble coping with ‘fighting’ aftermaths. Sometimes saying sorry over and over again gets old and you just have to learn how to never repeat the same mistake twice because it will drive people to just want to get rid of you. I mean, how annoying would it be if you make one mistake, say sorry, then repeat it, say sorry again…I bet after a few times the other person will just throw their hands up in defeat because if you keep repeating mistakes, you obviously never meant the ‘Sorry’ in the first place or you’re just dumb (Which I tend to be occasionally). I am really working hard at being less of an idiot and aiming to be more considerate of people around me, not just anyone but those who matter and are worth it.

There is always two sides when it comes to arguments, just remember you are not absolute, you are not perfect, we all make mistakes and as long as you are honest about what you feel then everything will be alright. Be honest with yourself and with those you hold close. Just remember as well that there is a right moment and right time as well when you have to be honest because sometimes when you try being honest at the wrong time, things could turn around into something lethal (Told you I was over dramatic..)

Never keep things within just for the sake of having smooth sailing to avoid arguments. Life is not meant to be all rainbows and cotton candy. Share your views, your opinions, tell others how you feel and you may learn things about other people you never knew and this will only improve your interaction and relationship. Keeping things within will either turn off the other person plus it will only make your heart even heavier. 

I like to end my posts with a quote so here; (Yeah, what a random boring ending. This was getting to long, I had no idea how to end it!!)

“A child can teach an adult three things: to be happy for no reason, to always be busy with something, and to know how to demand with all his might that which he desires.” 
― Paulo Coelho

Have a great day! =)

SMILEEEEE! *Happy face*
(Yeah right..after such a depressing topic. Way to go Lil…)