A free book written by one of my inspirations! Check it out!!! Quickkkk!


NOTE these dates down, quick. Grab a pen/phone/or scrawl on your wall if you will. 🙂

On OCTOBER 13th and 14th (Pacific Standard time), In Strange Company, the gorgeous little story of Clare Peterson and her adventures with three handsome young men, is about to go on its last ever FREE promotion on Amazon.com! Yay!


Since Amazon is adamant on giving me 5 whole days, and I am adamant on using all those 5 days, I think we’ve struck a good deal, don’t you? 🙂

I don’t know if many of you know, but I am travelling to Nepal, and then India (first time ever) on the night of the 15th here in Aus, which means the promotion will be half way through and still running as I take to the air. So against my very obsessive compulsive nature, I will leave the fate of the book entirely up to you all. I…

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