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Poetic posse – Bloggers and Friends.

Sooo! I decided to reblog this poem I just came across a few minutes ago! I know I said goodbye some two posts ago but when you see posts like these by other bloggers who actually give the time to acknowledge you, it actually gives you that warm fuzzy feeling that at least you matter to one person…one voice is all it takes…just a small comment or a small pat in the back…I guess my anti-writing phase is going to end soon and I may be back with more rants, poems and other…ramblings! Thanks Eva for being such a great inspiration, one who actually gives attention to their readers despite all the busy-ness going on around them!! 

Poetic posse – Bloggers and Friends

This one’s for you, Lilly
for enjoying the offerings
with unabashed glee of children young
showing a weary traveller on their arduous journey
that there be little peeks of sunshine
little breadcrumbs through the trees
to urge on one who questions the path they be wandering.
This one’s for you too, my friend from the Krew,
for nudging one on with satire and fun, and some guidance
showing the fun side to the hard task of marketing,
singing tunes to entertain, and sometimes provide remedy
to harsh rating days.
And for merry souls who stay a while
enjoying the fruits of labour and love
for walking a few steps further with me in the jungle
of social blogging,
Cubby, who laughed at my Ostrich
or Mike whose Eye-dances to the rhythm of poems
penned like cotton in the wind, aimlessly landing.
And for many more friends who visit often
this poem maybe short,
and I may be running out of time
for the moment,
but you are all cherished like cherry on a cake,
and morrow, or maybe the next
I will say hello
and pen your names more,

Shawn L Bird/Damyanti and many, many more!


For Eva! http://papermashed.com/ <— Check her out!

P.S. She also got a free book promotion going on in a few days!!