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The tattoo shop was closed for the night and Mizaki was going to head to the upper floors, which she claimed as her sanctuary from the outside world since she had no place to call her own yet. She rarely slept anyways since she didn’t need too unless she wanted to replenish some strength and tonight she had other thoughts in mind instead of spending the entire evening alone. The fog around the city was disrupted by her moving figure as she made her way across the streets and towards the apartments.

Mizaki recalled the apartment where she spent amazing nights with the demon of her obsessions. She wondered why he didn’t invite her to live there with him considering how close they have grown to each other, or so she assumed. Her boots hardly made any noise as she descended the stairs and pondered to herself, maybe she could steal some of his precious time if he was around to fulfill the hunger within her being that he instilled within. After taking a deep breath, Mizaki knocked on the doors lightly and waited. It was ridiculous to see that a demon like herself actually felt slightly nervous on his reaction to see her knocking on his personal home. 

The door opened slowly and a figure with white long hair peeked out at Mizaki with a quick smile on her face, “Hello..” the lady said softly with a slight hesitant hint yet appearing welcoming nonetheless.

Mizaki was taken aback by not expecting whom she thought would be behind the door. She remained silent just staring at the lady, who’s smile started fading as she looked confused, “Need any help with something?” she asked softly still smiling, “Are you a friend of Lokhe’s?” she asked in a small tone.

“Who are you?” Mizaki asked bluntly in a sharp tone, her surprised expression just growing blank. Without waiting for a reply, she just pushed the door open hard shoving the friendly lady aside who released a surprised gasp but didn’t protest or say anything as Mizaki entered the apartment narrowing her eyes as she looked around at the newly decorated room. Mizaki turned around to eye the lady who remained near the door which she obviously closed. The lady’s expression looked worried as she eyed Mizaki back. “Who…are..you?” Mizaki asked again remaining in the middle of the room.

“I’m Sayuri….I live here…” she said softly sliding to the side of the door keeping a good distance away from Mizaki.

“What? You live here!” she exclaimed with total shock and contempt. Mizaki didn’t waste anytime to detect that Sayuri was just a mere human unless she was hiding what she truly was beneath that form and Mizaki was determined to find out. “I’m his thrall.” The lady replied quickly then remained silent bringing a palm to wrap around the heart necklace around her neck.

The room suddenly began to grow cold as Mizaki’s anger started to rise to such a quick extent upon hearing the word ‘thrall’. She felt a building anger that wanted to explode which made her lose all concentration to keep her false form in the surface. Her pale skin started turning red, black hairs shifting orange and her green eyes turned sharper. Mizaki crouched on the ground as she felt the uncomfortable sensation of her legs twisting and turning till it disappeared and got replaced with a long slithery green reddish snake tail. She remained on the ground until her true form was fully revealed with her long scaly tail tips twirling around dangerously in the air. Mizaki raised from the ground elegantly with the support of her strong tail and let out the most horrifying hiss towards the lady that claimed to be Lokhe’s thrall.

The lady pushed herself back against the wall and slid down on the ground with her palms covering her ears and her eyes wide with horror at the sight of the snake lady. Mizaki’s hissing never stopped and it seemed to multiply as if there were a number of snakes in the room. She glided near the lady’s huddled form, all she needed was eye contact and she got it easily with an extra flavor of horrified expression.  She wanted to hurt Lokhe’s thrall badly, what more pleasure in watching her hurt herself? She kept a long eye contact towards the human keeping the firm gaze and not allowing her to look away.

Once she was sure she built the desired connection Mizaki grinned flashing her sharp teeth but before she could direct anything, the door was kicked open roughly and she heard the familiar annoying voice.

“Get away from her! He’ll kill you!” The blood witch yelled holding a crystal forward towards Mizaki which emitted a sudden burst of power pushing the snake demoness back to hit against the wall. The witch moved infront of Sayuri who still appeared in a daze as she kept a cold plain stare at Mizaki.

“He will kill you…” she repeated, ”Believe me, one thing he will never forgive is someone harming his thrall.”

Lily, the blood witch, kept the glowing red crystal extended like a weapon towards Mizaki who was rising back up on her tail. She hissed towards the blood witch, black tears flowing from her eyes and before she could lose all control she slithered out of the room in a huge hurry disappearing from the apartment.

She kept her form hidden as much as possible and reached the undercity but she was met with a surprise and the blood witch was there before she even made it…

[It is incomplete…I just lost words on continuing but I have a vague idea of what happens…maybe someday I’ll finish it…(Yeah right…as if I finish stuff….>.>)]