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He held her forearm firmly until he was sure they were a good distance away. She was surprisingly not resisting and even had her head faced down towards the concrete ground as she dragged her boots over it till he finally released her. She let out another one of her silent sighs and bumped into him unintentionally since she didn’t realize he stopped on his tracks. She looked up at her guard who was showing her a new expression. In all the years he guarded her, she never saw such a disappointed expression he was showing now. She averted her gaze and parted her lips to say something but decided against it. She knew she did wrong by listening in on other peoples conversations secretly. It was malicious, nosy and she was ashamed of her act.

“Tongue tied eh, my lady?” He questioned but didn’t wait for a respond or for her to look back at him,“I should ‘ave stopped you myself but there’s a first for everything…did the lord of stark really manage to crawl beneath your mind to cause you to perform such an act?”

“I…I don’t know.” She replied still keeping her gaze away. She focused on one spot of the wall they were standing next too still deep within the city passages. She swallowed a huge lump that formed in her throat as she felt her stomach overturning into a thousand knots. Her palms absentmindedly slid to her belly as if to ease the sensation. Her expression seemed cold and blank, even tormented if one bothered to look closely. She wasn’t even sure why she did what she did and her mind and heart was having conflicts on illogical conclusions.

“Evesdroppin’ aint a pleasant act, Lady Anya.” He states eyeing her with a sudden worried expression. He had been her gaurd since she was eighteen and she had always been a more logical lady. She never did something irrelevant or without thinking. He as his own assumptions on her actions but he knew she shouldn’t get herself more into Lord Lokhe Stark’s business if it caused her to behave this way.

“I know it was wrong. I am unsure why I did it.” She murmured, “I just saw him and I..felt…afraid?” she stated hesitantly turning her gaze to eye her guard with a more confused and pained expression. “I felt unsettled and it got more unbearable seeing him with….” She cut her words short letting out a frustrated sigh, “I don’t know why it should matter…” she frowns deeply shaking her head. She was obviously still in a slight denial on how instantly feelings can hit a person for just a few random meetings.

Her guard narrowed his eyes at her shaking his head once, “Get a hold of yourself, my lady. You know your future is not for you to decide on such..decisions. Don’t allow the falcon to freeze…” he trailed and then turned around to begin walking off, pausing a bit to allow her to walk ahead indicating the conversation was over.

She released a huge breath that was caught up in her throat upon hearing his words as she gathered her steps trying to calm down and get a hold of her mind. She walked ahead of him, head held up confidently, expression much more controlled for the walk home. He just turned to follow her keeping alert as usual letting out a deep sigh upon watching her from behind. His hand brushed into his black long hair as he shrugged his shoulder slightly recalling the piercing look that Lord Lokhe shot towards him. He knew the lord saw him which would mean he knew she was there as well, should he tell her about it? He decided against it and to just let things flow as how the Gods planned…