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I cannot describe how important books are for me. They just make my day much better even if all I need to do is stare at the front cover and brush my fingers over its soft pages. Wow, I sound like such a creep here but I am serious! I love books! I just realized that ever since I bought a kindle, I haven’t finished a single e-book within it. Yet, when I have an actual book in my hands, I can’t put it down. I guess I am not that tech-savvy to be able to last long with just the kindle reading. I don’t even use a smart phone, not that it has anything to do with books or reading, just thought I’d give you a clear picture of how bad I am when it comes to latest technology. [I do have a laptop I can’t part with!]

A whole new world, different characters, undiscovered places and a variety of relationships pretty much sums up why I love reading books. It doesn’t matter what type of books I read for they are all a story untold. I mostly lean to reading fiction but I do read educational books from time to time so I am up to date about certain concepts relating to my field of work as well as other interesting fields, like science! Evolution! [But I try not to read too much on science for it gives me a headache after a while, it tends to hurt my brain when there are some things I can’t understand. I am too lazy and slow…maybe dumb too but in denial…]

Reading changes my whole mindset and I find myself drawn into a different world, a different time and the feeling leaves me overwhelmed, excited and anxious all at the same time. Of course, I am talking about novels here, works of art by people with a vast amount of imagination and too much patience. I don’t believe I have the patience to actually sit and write a book. I can write short stories that can turn into a short story series but I don’t think I can write a huge 500 page book, let alone a 300 page novel. It is not that I cannot, it is just that I know I don’t have the patience and my mind can’t seem to focus on only one thing for my head swirls with a million ideas, scenarios and characters. It would take a while to unscramble my messed up mind.

I really admire writers, authors, scholars who spend their time researching, planning and organizing to form a proper novel for people like me, to just sit and enjoy reading. Don’t you just feel depressed after finishing a book or a series of books?

I am not sure which is more painful [Yeah, I am such a dramatic person.] Waiting for a book within a series to be released? Or Finishing all the books within a series?

Hope whoever is reading this has a good day!!!