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Not even the Falcon can remain within its chosen cage. Two full days of proper rest was enough to get her mind to grow restless. She was being closely watched by the household servants due to her pregnancy which made her feel all the more anxious for some fresh air. She knew that it was not the usual air she was accustomed too. With her regained strength, she managed to get dressed as warmly as possible then requested to be allowed to take a walk. She wanted to visit the nearby market so she could feast her eyes with the customs of the north and watch its people.

She was accompanied by her usual guard who was much calmer and excited compared to when they ventured out within the capital. The northern breeze sent a chill within her despite the warm fabrics that wrapped around her form. She walked around with poise just holding her arms around herself for an added comfort against the north winds. That familiar smile she wore in public shone brightly over her features as she was greeted and spoken to by the local northerners who didn’t even seem affected by the cold.  

While her guard took the time to chat with the blacksmiths and stonemasons, she took the chance to walk deeper into the area. Being within the homeland of her beloved got her curious to know more about the environment of his upbringing. Sharp falcon senses observed the people, various items and also listened in on conversations that reached her ears. A particular conversation got her to linger around near the tailor shop. Two ladies were dusting furs and discussing the current Lord Regent, her loving wolf. They spoke of how helpful, kind, honorable, skilled and a true man of the north he was. Her husband seemed to have the support of the people around. It made her smile brightly listening to such words. Despite not knowing him as well as she hoped, she knew the more years they spent together she will be able to dig through the treasure chest she managed to unlock during their betrothal period.

A part of the conversation caused her heart to skip a beat and that bright smile to fade away. During his adolescent days he wanted to join the Night’s Watch after his first Betrothal was canceled. She already knew about the past betrothal vaguely. The other news got her heart to race as she absentmindedly brought a palm to rub her growing belly as if soothing the unborn child of her worries. She recalled the masquerade back in the capital. How he flawlessly dressed as a crow of the night’s watch. That day also marked the certainty of her feelings for him and his for her, she thought. The fear that crept up within her was unbearable that she felt her eyes sting slightly while she tried to stop tears.

A passing child broke her trance and offered her a single blue frosty petal, along with a huge shy smile plus rosy cheeks with the gesture. The falcon swallowed hard and forced a smile towards the child crouching down on the cold ground while opening her palm to have the petal dropped gently into it. She whispered a few sweet words to the little boy who leaned in and stole a warm kiss of her cheeks. She watched him run off into the crowd as her guard helped her back on her feet noticing her cheeks was damped with a line of tears that she couldn’t control. She normally had more control over her emotions but due to the pregnancy she was learning a few things about herself. She smiled towards her guard assuring him she was alright and wiped the tears quickly as she continued her walk desperately trying to ignore the voices in her head.

The falcon realized how dependent on the wolf she have become. Who would have thought that the once upon a time little girl who vowed not to let anyone into her heart found herself attached deeply to one person that she feared for her sanity?

And to be left alone…