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.…Winter is Coming….

Night veiled over the capital, its long black coat of darkness spread upon the tops of houses and streets like cloak that hang along the slender shape that walked towards the path of her future. The night was cold as the past days were, winter was slowly arriving into every home and every manse, chilling up the happiness that forced families to gather near the fireplaces and warm each other with stories and drinks.

Falcons accepted a flight through the weather that marked the future for one of them, against the cold wind and the darkness they moved through capital towards Heart tree where Wolves expected a new member into their pack. Eyes met from Falcons and wolves, observant yet friendly enough that the union would seal what paper already was forced to carry, words of faith, trust and long standing alliance between two houses. Such symbol of unity was enough as it was a signature beneath the words, to seal this alliance into a family bond that through generations will be trusted upon and cared so nothing breaks its tight hold.

Wild wind seemed ever present, playing with the maiden`s cloak and lifting it up from the ground her steps walked upon, almost seeming as if it was protesting the decision her family made for her. But the cold of the North was loud by now within her heart and soul, her longing to this day was too great to turn now and leave her family ever marked with decision she never would even dream of bringing to them. Her heart was in support on what family decided for her, and now she was with proud head walking into the future they built for her, alongside a young Wolf protector. Upon the reach of that last step, even the loud wind and leaves of the Heart tree could not hide away sound of her loud young beating heart when her gaze met into the Storm colored wolf`s ones. Finally after many months they could speak before the gods and family what both held within hearts.

Slowly the night held witness to reaping of the falcons wings as the cloak was taken off her small shoulders and placed the hold of heavy fur one upon them, transformation that marked this day. It would be hard to picture the symbolic image of the moment, when a falcon is ripped of her feathers and wings to be able to embrace the ever warming fur for the long life within the cold of north. what would drive such a creature into future veiled with coldness, snow and ever fighting her past if it was not the strength of her love for the wolf and her family who made it all possible. Proud would well express how the falcon felt, proud and content that she could be the one crowning this union between the Vale and North.

… The lady of Stark… said the words and her new life begun, as it did for the two families who were now bound by marriage and soon blood into alliance of strength and trust. Winds eased down through the night, allowing the members of both families to enjoy the little window of calmness and happiness before the raising of yet stronger storms on their path.


[Written by Lokhe Verlack- I just helped a little]