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“How much time do you have to spend inside your head, away from the real world, before you become afraid to go out? To live your life, to meet new people, to love, to hate, to absorb all that this real, imperfect world has to offer?”

My Answer: [December 20 2012]
I always live in my head even while I am living in the real world. It is comforting to know that within your head everything works out the way you expect it to work out; it’s like a sort of ‘No drama’ zone for yourself. Sometimes I stay in my own head and sometimes I come out. But I guess everyone kind of have that reflex of crawling back in their comfort zone when everything that surrounds them, the love, the hate, the people…seems unreal. Those who refuse to come out or are afraid have probably seen a lot of this imperfect world and they’d rather remain in their head; world of illusion.


I was browsing randomly on my blog’s feed awhile ago when I noticed this old comment of mine on one of the inspired blogs I followed [Check out the link above!]. I found myself pondering on what I wrote nearly a year ago now and it surprised me to realize I still do that. I tend to live in my head most of the time. I am living out of it too which is necessary for survival but If I could choose to live somewhere forever, I guess it will be within my head where anything is possible. But, as I continued thinking about living in my own head, I realized it would be…boring. [*gasps*]

In the past year, I have met many people. Some on the internet while some personally through work or acquaintances. I realized it would be damn boring to live alone in my head when I have every opportunity to be out there living life with so many people and sharing in thoughts and experience. I even managed to meet someone who has almost the same ideology as myself yet can be so different from me in many ways. Sharing your mind with someone without boundaries and getting accepted and listened too is a very great experience that no one should miss out on. So, I have come to a conclusion that I do not want to live in my head but I want to live outside and share what it feels like to live in my head with others who are interested in sharing how it feels to leave in their head. So…lets share..heads? [Wow…how wrong that sounds…*sighs*]

Everyone has a tale to share, tears to shed, laughter to spread and sadness to conquer! It would be great to be able to experience different situations, get to know different characters and discover unique minds. I won’t be able to do that by living in my own head, there is only so much my imagination can achieve without having another person give me more ideas to fuel it. It is like creating a coloring book; I draw the pictures while someone adds color to the pages. Sure, you can do both but seeing how another person can add more interesting colors to the lines you created is something worth risking to live out of your head and meet whatever comes your way head on!

Writing stories alone may be peaceful and relaxing but weaving stories with someone else makes things exciting and worth looking forward too. Found that person yet? I have!! [*Grins big*]