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The longing for a deep everlasting sleep,
Bloody eyes too tired to weep,
Mind tormented to unscramble thoughts,
Broken heart in millions of pieces left to rot,
Stumbling into wall of spikes,
Trying to kill the monster before it strikes,
Magnificent weight of burdens drag down,
Fighting for breath not wanting to drown,
Her eyes flutter away permanent flow of tears,
White gown stained under the chains of her fears,
Scars, bruises and cuts in slow pain,
Battered soul with nothing left to gain,
Loud screams of grief never seize,
Regrets invading the lack peace,
How she wishes to just come to an end,
Along with the everlasting wind she’ll blend,
Forever flying across unfulfilled dreams,
True love sliding across the moon’s beams,
Never hiding…
Just a higher gliding…
Until she is able to mend his broken heart,
She’ll never pull herself apart.