This is a post from one of the inspiration blogs I follow! Eva is a really talented writer, artist and blogger and she is coming close to shoot this short film, check out the facebook page, !!


Unusually so, I’ve been very quite, more so preoccupied with other things beside my blog these past few weeks. It’s been something of a thing I’ve aspired to do, post entertaining, engaging or commentaries on writing and creative pieces. But it so turned out, that over the past few weeks my need to OCD over my blog has taken a well deserved back burner seat. For how long? I have absolutely no idea! …there, I’ve finally said it.

It’s such a relief to be able to finally admit that I might no longer suffer compulsive disorder, obsessing over the content of this blog.

Now to the main point, and it’s a great point.

Ever since 15th of February this year, I’ve found something else to obsess over. Lol! (Writers!)

I don’t know if many of you remember but I also have great interest in scriptwriting and filmmaking besides novels and…

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