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A streak of light passes through the window,
Hitting across her sleeping face,
Tightly wrapped arms released the pillow,
That she kept the whole night in her embrace,
Hazy warm feeling rushed through her soul,
Her mind still recovering from the dreamy state,
Form stretched till she felt that familiar hole,
Remembrance of her aching heart’s weight,
Her body tossed and curled to the side,
Pillow was gifted with a press of warm face,
It was hard to ignore but she tried,
Allowing her mind to find a distant place,
A swirl of multi-colors variance of light,
Deeper and deeper a falling sensation,
Strong tornado hugging her tight,
Farther and farther lost in her imagination,
Cold breeze of reality returns,
The familiar tight unbearable knot she cloaked,
With one step after another she burns,
Forever denying she feels choked…